Putting the Robe Art into Shlomo Artzi.

Shlomo Artzi is one of Israel’s most successful and popular male singers, and his most recent shows hit the road with an ongoing lighting design by Gadi Spivak who has worked for the artist f ...


Astera caught in Comedy of Errors at Basel Opera.

Internationally acclaimed lighting designer Yaron Abulafia was asked by renowned director and choreographer Richard Wherlock to light his much hailed new ballet work, The Comedy of Error(z),


All Proteus moving head rig for Germany’s Nature One.

Lighting designer Thomas Gerdon has been working on Nature One for over 15 years and has designed the lighting for the festival’s main Open Air Floor every year since its introduction in 2011 ...


Allen & Heath’s SQ rocks the O2 Arena with Brass Against.

Continuing to turn heads with its appearances at big gigs and prestigious venues, Allen & Heath’s compact SQ digital mixer recently wrapped up a 22-date European tour with Brass Against, ...


Extended Alcons system gives a greater voice to the Finnish National Theatre.

Established in 1872 in Helsinki, the Finnish National Theatre is the oldest Finnish-speaking professional theatre in the country. It’s current venue was built in 1902 and the combination of A ...


20,000 industry professionals show their appreciation for

After launching the world’s first online trussing and rigging video portal in 2018, now has more than 20,000 industry professionals from across the globe tuning in to discover its ever ...